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3D Eyebrow  Artist provides CertifiedServices in  Natural Look PermanentMakeup, Rejuvi Non-Laserd TattooRemoval, Tattoo Vanish  TattooRemoval, V-Shape Facial Lift Therapy, Breast Lift Enhancement, and Longmi Lashes Eyelash Extensions.We  also provide popular Estheticianservices,s as well as Thai Massage  Wassana Thaojakham, our Licensed Cosmetologist and MassageTherapist,t provides these specialized services, that only a select few are qualified to provide We are  your trustedsource, with  the best service  Please call us at832.746.5565  to schedule a consultation or appointment We are located in the Royal Oaks Shopping Centre,  in thehighly desirable Royal Oaks area, directly across from PF Chang Asian Diner..


The 3D EyebrowTechniquee is BIG in Southeast Asia,popular throughout the World,, and it’s now availableright  here in Houston,Texas!.



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